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NSK International School, Thumpamon

The Best CBSE School in Pathanamthitta

NSK International School is the best school in Pathanamthitta, offers a unique learning approach that gives our students the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning. Our School is set out to fill in a void. A void created by the absence of quality schooling options in the region, schools that are preoccupied by syllabi, examinations and 'rank' abound. But hardly any around that passionately addresses the real issues and larger perspectives of education. 

Ideal class size and effective
Student Teacher ratio. 

Our Student Teacher Ratio is 25 : 1 


For any student who wishes to join NSK International School, admissions are laid out in a student friendly manner. A well-versed admission team is always there to help you at each & every step of the admission process. Procedure to apply in NSK International is easy going.

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Why NSK?

Class Room Activities

We provide best teaching strategies for our students with the safe and best learning environment. Rather than providing formal education, as an international school in pathanamthitta, we have created quality education based on the following principles:...

    CBSE Curriculum: NSK International School follows the CBSE Curriculum, in a learner centred approach envisaging NEP 2022. The Annual Pedagogical Plan prepared and executed in NSKIS helps the student to become an individual learner with exemplary vision.  NSK International School, is a school of choice for parents who wish their kids to pursue higher studies abroad. 

    Classroom Culture: NSK International School has introduced a classroom culture including movements, music and discussions along with classroom studies for our students which makes us unique from other schools in Kerala. This approach is different from the traditional method of teaching where students sit and learn for hours as mere listeners, without any physical activities. These activities include one to one discussion, picking up objects, rhythmic movements, yoga stretches, mindful practices, walking, etc. Physical activity liberates children's minds by developing attention, alertness, and inspiration. It helps to bind nerve cells to one another which helps to generate creative ideas.

    Physical movements along with studies help students to retain information easily. As the best school in Pathanamthitta, we adopt this culture that helps to control student's anxiety and stress levels and helps to improve all aspects of well-being. The major improvements through physical movement include goal orientation, developing positivity, self-concept and behaviour, and most importantly self-efficacy and competency-based education, that we follow here integrates trends in learning, besides integrating arts, sports, and storytelling in the pedagogy.

    Music for Relaxation: Recent studies have proved that music helps to relax and influence children's cognitive and psychophysical development. We at NSK International School in Pathanamthitta, play relaxing music daily, which improves neural pathways in children's brains, helping them to learn in a better way. Relaxing music helps to break the monotony of students. Music helps our children to foster language development. It helps children to remove stress from day-to-day life and improves problem-solving skills. Studies through decades have proved music promotes creative thinking and helps to improve memory and leadership qualities.

    Life Skills Training: As one among the best schools in Pathanamthitta, We teach our students to take over responsibility and improve daily living skills which are mandatory for their future. Mostly parents get involved in student's day-to-day activities and children don't get involved in anything like their common essential life skills. 

    Our training helps children to learn maintenance around the house, self-meal preparation, decision-making skills, improving health and hygiene, and better time management. By developing these common skills NSK IS ensures our students are independent and self-sufficient in handling themselves.

    Cognitive Ability Development: At NSK International School in Pathanamthitta, our teachers adapt to teaching based on learner centred approach, based on student's interests. Each student is different in the way they think. So, teachers understand the student's interests and teach accordingly. We teach through visual, audio, and kinaesthetic approaches making the learning process easier. This helps to improve the logic, concentration, processing speed, and auditory perception of students.

    For education, students need to think, write, read, analyse, solve, remember, and understand. We at NSK IS follow a practical approach to learning and focus on extracurricular activities. The key to persistent learning is to improve the cognitive skill set.

    Value Education: Values are integral to our teaching learning process at NSK International School. What distinguishes us from other schools is the innate way we have incorporated universal values into our classroom environments, we teach them through experiential learning and reflective values like peace, truth, wisdom, integrity, justice, co-existence, service, devotion, contentment and gratitude. Value based assemblies, celebrations, activities, etc. are part of the curriculum. Weekly value themes are part of our schedule.

    Emotional Well Being: NSK International School, one among the top schools in Pathanamthitta, helps the student to achieve anger management and respond to situations both positive and negative. We train our students to identify the problem (Self-Awareness), Think of potential solutions before responding (self-control), the consequences of each solution (think it through), self-decision making, and check the progress. We train our students to exercise, listen to music, write down thoughts and emotions, Meditate and practise deep sleep, share student's feelings with someone they trust, and breathe out when they get angry. We are implementing the Bagless day in orientation with the skill education which motivates and mould our studetns to become skillful learners. NSK International Residential School in Pathanamthitta focuses on creating leaders of tomorrow who are independent, well balanced, happy and caring.

    Student Lead Conference (SLC): SLC is a methodology implemented by NSK IS for the students. Students discuss their portfolio of learning with teachers. Actually it builds accountability and a sense of responsibility for their learning. Since students share what they have learned they care deeply about their work and studies. Besides, students are free to present at the conference no matter what their activity is. This helps our students to build confidence and communication skills. The whole process in SLC brings family and teachers as a partner in the child's growth. It even encourages students in goal setting and the assessment process. Students learn to express things without fear to the public. NSK International School helps our students in social-emotional learning and our methodology helps students to be successful in life and their careers.
    NSK International believes and strive for the strong partnership with our parents and stakeholders to ensure the smooth transition of our students to lifelong learners. We conduct Orientation Programme for our parents of all the grades and an exclusive Parent Connect Programme ‘MILAP’ for the parents of Foundational Stage students to ensure the extended support from the parents for making the students life enjoyable and memorable throughout.

What Our Happy
Parents Say

Noticeable improvement in learning abilities. Communication has improved. We are happy with the child’s overall development.
Recorded: Has become more creative and started making new friends. Does new activities.
Chandrika Gopinath
Has become smart. He likes to be at school and likes the school very much
Parthiv Sreejith
He has been studying here for 2 years. Hence there is continuous progress. Nothing exceptional to mention. He loves the school.
Hebal Pappachan’s
Vaishanvi And Vinayak: We have enrolled both our kids Vinayak sreejith and Vaishnavi sreejith (Grade 3) in NSK this year. The staff is well qualified and courteous. Kids are encouraged to interact and not be afraid of their teachers. NSK is a great place where students are imparted excellent academic and extracurricular coaching.
Deepthi Krishna S R
I am impressed with your curriculum and teaching methods which is different from other schools. Teachers and staffs are very friendly to parents and children. They always care for their students even outside the classroom. I am satisfied to send my child to this school.
Reshma Krishnan
I wanted a school, which wouldn't pressure my kid but encourage him to do his best. During all these years we had seen a consistent development in my son in every aspect. The curriculum at NSK International School intensified my kid's learning from his  pre school time. For the first time since very early in his school career he is actually happy to go to school. He is becoming confident in his school work and is making obvious progress in these years. During pandemic, when every parent is scared  and worried about online classes, at that time NSK teachers made sure that everything went smooth and remained comfortable to our kids. Thank you all  providing such a strong foundation for my kid with heartfelt gratitude.
Riny Issac